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What We Do

Founded in 2008, Astraea Therapeutics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company, specializing in novel approaches, with small-molecule therapeutics, for the treatment of drug addiction and central nervous system disorders, including pain and neurodegenerative diseases.


Astraea’s core competencies in innovative drug discovery result from deep, long-standing expertise in novel target validation, creation of new molecular entities and intellectual property, well-defined translational development, and a mission to develop life-changing medications for unmet needs in CNS disorders.

​Astraea’s medication discovery focuses on two novel pharmacological targets, which have the potential to deliver transformative treatments for the opioid crisis, chronic pain therapy, and smoking cessation relapse.



Dr. Nurulain T. Zaveri, PhD, FAAPS
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Nur Headshot2 2016.jpg

Dr. Zaveri is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and sole founder of Astraea Therapeutics, whose mission is the development of medications for under-served neurological disorders. She is a medicinal chemist by training and a recognized expert on developing new approaches and medications to treat opioid and tobacco addiction. Her work at Astraea is driving the translation of basic science discoveries from her laboratory into clinical development of novel medications to prevent global diseases like tobacco dependence and relapse. Innovative discoveries from her work have directly led to new approaches to treat pain without opioid side effects, which are under development into first-in-class medications at Astraea. Dr. Zaveri is the lead inventor on over 15 patents and has authored over 70 research publications and 10 reviews/book chapters in fields of her research. She is a longtime reviewer on grant study sections at the National Institutes of Health. She was elected Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) in 2014. In 2020, she was awarded the inaugural Alice E. Till Recognition for Advancement of Women in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the AAPS. 

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