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Dr. Hans Rollema, PhD
Rollema Biomedical Consulting

Dr. Hans Rollema of Rollema Biomedical Consulting, is an eminent neuropharmacologist, recognized for his expertise in the pharmacology of the smoking cessation drug Chantix™ (varenicline, Pfizer). In the years prior to his retirement from Pfizer, he was a member of the discovery, development and post-marketing teams for Chantix™, a nAChR partial agonist approved as a smoking cessation aid in 2006. In his 18 years at Pfizer, Dr. Rollema led a microdialysis lab that supported several neuroscience discovery projects and later became very much involved in nAChRs as targets for novel therapeutics. After Pfizer, Dr. Rollema continues to work as an independent consultant for small biotechs and academics, either on nAChR pharmacology or on smoking cessation approaches.  His expertise on the functional efficacy, ‘druggability’ and pharmacodynamic targeting of nAChR is helping advance novel smoking cessation medications into clinical studies.

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