June 2019

Dr. Nurulain Zaveri gave a Plenary talk at the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry, 2019 MedChem Frontiers Symposium in Krakow, Poland, June 10-13, 2019. As a collaboration between the ACS (American Chemical Society) and the EFMC (European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry), this symposium attracts experts in drug discovery and development, in particular medicinal and synthetic chemists, together with scientists active in the fields of computer assisted drug design, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, early toxicology, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical development. 

July 2019

President and CSO of Astraea Therapeutics, Dr. Nurulain Zaveri, invited to speak on “Bifunctional NOP/MOP agonists as a new approach for non-addicting analgesics and treatments for Opioid Use Disorders,” at the 2019 International Narcotics Research Conference in New York, NY, July 7-11, 2019. 

August 2019

Dr. Nurulain Zaveri spoke at the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society (EBPS) Biennial Meeting, in Braga, Portugal, August 28-31. As a member of EBPS, an international society at the crossroads of pharmacology, experimental psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, Dr. Zaveri was asked to present her viewpoints and data on "novel opioid agonist-based medications for pain and opioid addiction."